Citrix Technology Advocate (CTA) Recognition

It is a rockstar moment being recognized as a Citrix Technology Advocate, CTA. I will keep contributing to community and to technology of my passion. 

Citrix Technology Advocates (CTA) are Citrix User Group Community super-users. They are Citrix customers, partners, and employees who advocate on their own time with extraordinary social impact. 

They spend countless hours sharing knowledge and connecting with community peers. Below are a couple of examples of their dedication, but the list is not exhaustive:

  • Sharing their proficiency in the Citrix technology stack
  • Participating in online forums such as CUGC and other technology forums
  • Blogging about their experience with technology
  • Speaking at Citrix and related industry events
  • Supporting community programs such as Citrix IRC
  • Providing strategic feedback to Citrix product teams
  • Volunteering for community initiatives such as leading local user groups, hosting lunch table tech chats at Synergy, participating in focus groups

These Citrix Technology Advocates are recognized for their wonderful contributions to the Citrix community, with benefits such as:

  • Private community in CUGC
  • Expanded opportunities for product feedback
  • Regular meetings with key Citrix product teams
  • Access to enablement software from third parties

Congratz to other new CTA members! Thank you Citrix!

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