Change Management Process Integration

My application management process integrates with Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager and Active Directory to collect information and to show the effect of application issues on users, groups and devices while Lakeside Systrack integration enables portfolio rationalization.

Custom integrations can be built for plugging in to enterprise processes and to track attributes like asset ID´s, cost center, application status and business unit from ITSM systems or software license cost from purchasing systems to include software asset management aspect for migration planning.

I collect more than 68.000 datapoints about business applications, clearly outline application issues and provide comprehensive reports for planning and managing  Windows upgrades, desktop and application virtualization deployments as well as web browser upgrades.

Application Deployment Planning

I match application issues with the time and effort associated to remediate the issues and add your project variables in to the equation. I then estimate the time, cost, and effort associated with migrating application portfolio to a new platform and produce a detailed breakdown of the cost and time estimation as well as the potential savings i can provide. 

I produce you an executive summary report that gives you an understanding about application issues and action points related to transforming your application portfolio from current state to remediated state on your target platform. 

I further produce you an application deployment plan for your target platform that guides for optimized deployment options on Windows desktop and server operating systems, with or without desktop or  application virtualization.

Optimized Application Processing

Optimized remediation process implements remediation actions with priority on tasks generating least amount of effort and actions where one action can solve issues on multiple applications at once, leading to substantial cost and time savings.

RED: Analysis indicates that the application is likely or certain to fail on target platform and may require redevelopment. These applications have high risk for migration success and needs to be returned to application owner with report about application issues for evaluating redevelopment or replacement options.

GREEN: Analysis indicates that the application is likely to work on the target platform as it is and is ready for user acceptance testing. Compared to manual migration process, these applications deliver instant cost and effort savings and can be used for jumpstarting your deployment. This set of applications can also be automatically converted for App-V application virtualization.

AMBER: Analysis indicates that the application may have impaired functionality, although remediation is possible. If further manual remediation is needed after implementing automatic fixes, these applications can be forwarded to your packaging service provider with report about optimized manual remediation actions.