XenDesktop Deployment Plan

Deployment plan for XenDesktop guides on optimized delivery options for your applications, either server hosted or desktop hosted with App-V application virtualization.

Operating System Compatibility

Application compatibility reports for Windows operating systems outlines application issues and accelerates upgrade project by identifying applications that require attention.

App-V Compatibility

Indicates whether your applications are good candidates for Microsoft App-V application virtualization or can be converted to App-V 5 from previous versions of App-V.

Web Application Compatibility

Clearly outlines application issues, assists on remediation and accelerates migration for Microsoft Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox and Citrix WorxWeb.

OS Image Build Compatibility

Build assessment compares application compatibility with each target build to indicate whether your applications work after operating system build upgrade or customization.

MSI Interoperability

Avoid conflicts that occur with applications touching same component during install, uninstall or repair operation using the Windows installer.

Organization Reports

Provides status of managed applications that have been deployed to users and computers in entities that are defined in Active Directory or System Center Configuration Manager.

Deployment Modelling

Business decision engine models deployment scenarios and their impacts. By associating task scripts with the scenario, we can automate App-V sequencing and other tasks.

Custom Reports

Custom reports can be based on existing algorithms or new ones that are written to report application issues specific for your application portfolio.